Prom ’12


It’s a tradition close to a century old, and it’s often a pivotal rite of passage of sorts for teens across the country. Within the past month, the seniors of Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy all participated in prom at their individual high schools. Each student donned formal wear expressing various things such as personality, culture and creativity.

“It was amazing. It’s the last chance to spend time with the majority of your friends, dressed nice and fancy. It’s one of those last moments, last dance, just that final moment,” said Kyree Rollins, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School.

The students immersed themselves in the once-in-a-lifetime experience characterized by fashion, food, music, dancing and plenty of snapshots.

“My prom experience was very nice. I arrived to prom in a white stretch hummer. I took a lot of pictures with my date. I danced and drank strawberry, pina colada slushies,” said Charles Stewart, Ceasar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy. “I was forced to do the dougie and cat daddy on the dance floor surrounded by my classmates. Overall it was a nice event and I enjoyed myself.”

 “I had fun chilling with my friends, enjoying the atmosphere of prom,” said Michael Nesmith, School Without Walls.

Each senior admits it’s a moment they won’t soon forget. Some took prom night as an opportunity to shine their brightest.

“Lights, cameras, action, my own little Hollywood, paved with memories,” said Thaddeus Coates, McKinley Technology High School.

The bittersweet taste of the night came from knowing many of the friends they spent partying the night away with would soon be writing their farewells inside their yearbooks as they each head off to college.

“It’s sad, it’s fun, it’s emotional, it’s great, it’s prom,” said Rollins.