Programs Team


Tiffany Williams

Chief Programs Officer

Tiffany Williams is the Chief Program Officer at Martha’s Table, where she leads the organization’s early childhood, out of school time, elementary, and parent engagement and education programs, including home visiting. She is committed to fostering a nurturing environment and excellent educational experiences for every child at Martha’s Table.

Key Staff

Caron Gremont

Caron Gremont is the Director of Healthy Eating at Martha’s Table, where she leads the Healthy Eating team and its’ programs, including the Joyful Food Markets, no-cost farmers market-style markets, held in elementary schools, for children and their families. The markets, which will be in all 49 elementary schools in Wards 7 & 8 by 2018, are designed to both increase access to healthy, high-quality foods as well as encourage families to eat healthy food. The innovative, nationally significant model is rooted in data and leverages partnerships with schools, local government, the non-profit sector and the private sector to create a replicable and scalable model to address food insecurity and improve health in DC and, potentially, around the country. In addition, she leads McKenna’s Wagon, a mobile food truck that rolls out 7 days a week, 365 days a year to feed the homeless and hungry at three established downtown locations. This year alone, the Healthy Eating program will provide more than 1.5 million meals to neighbors in and around DC.

Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones, Director of Healthy Connections, has been at Martha’s Table since 1996. In his tenure at the organization, he has developed and implemented after-school and summer programs for older youth that focused on youth development of ability and identity while fostering the 21st-century learning skills of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Timothy’s work at Martha’s Table is centered on infusing family values into the establishment of relationships with youth that have proven to be lasting. A number of youth he’s worked with have become seasonal and part-time employees within his programs. Timothy continues to serve as a mentor for an ever-growing number of young adults who were former teens in his programs.

Mireille Lopez Humes

Mireille Lopez Humes is the Senior Director, Education where she leads all education initiatives aimed at ensuring Strong By 8 for all children enrolled in Martha’s Table which includes Early Childhood Education, Out of School Time, Older Youth and Family Engagement. As part of the senior management team she actively contributes to the strategy development and implementation and shares responsibility for the overall management of Martha’s Table, in fulfillment of our mission.

Jason R.L. Wallace

Jason R.L. Wallace serves as the Director of Volunteer & Community Supports at Martha’s Table, where he leads overall strategy as it relates to volunteer efforts and community support programming. This includes McKenna’s Wagon, a mobile food truck that rolls out 7 days a week, 365 days a year to feed the homeless and hungry at three downtown locations. Martha’s Outlet, a clothing program that provides free, high-quality clothing, shoes, linens, and household furnishings to individuals and families in need. Martha’s Outfitters, a friendly, innovative community thrift store with locations in Northwest and Southeast DC. Martha’s Lobby Market, a no-cost mini market as well as a 4 pm meal service hosted at Martha’s Table daily.


Kara Richie

Kara Richie is the Assistant Director of Outreach and Engagement at Martha’s Table, where she manages a variety of stakeholder engagement activities for the organization. Prior to holding this position, Kara worked as Special Assistant to Patty Stonesifer, Martha’s Table’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Kara holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Hispanic Studies from Dartmouth College.