A Focus on Nutrition


Justin Peregoy, the prepared-food program manager, has been working hard in the kitchen training his staff on the art of nutritous cooking. After all, we want to make sure that the meals are not only healthy but taste good too!

We provide three meals a day for the children in our programs and every meal offers milk, bread or a healthy alternative, and a fruit and/or vegetable portion.  For lunch and dinner, protein is added to the meal.  We offer meat or an alternative meat option.  One example of a tasty and nutrition dinner is whole milk or fat free milk, pearled barely, beef stew, steamed baby carrots and pears for dessert.  Other meals have included a curry chicken salad, couscous salad and veggie lasagna.  Here is what the kids have to say about these new flavorful meals:  “Good, healthy, and very yummy”; “The food is good and the noodles are good too”; “I like the apple sauce, I like to drink my milk, and I think the food is very yummy.”  Overall the kids gave the new meal a thumbs up and enjoyed every last bite.