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Talented Teens

Members of Martha’s Table’s Teen Program regularly participate in a variety of workshops in order to further develop their skills and talents as well as to try new things. For the past several weeks the teens have been writing and producing a modern twist of the classic tale, entitled “Go Cinderella”.  Last Friday, April 1st, the production of the play took place here at Martha’s Table for a large audience including Martha’s Table President Lindsey Buss, Martha’s Table students and staff, family members and our Board of Directors.  Not only was the production very entertaining, but also contained a wonderful message.  Told through Cinderella’s realization that despite her difficulties and struggles, she would be able to go to college and build a better life for herself.  Everyone was impressed with the teens hard work and greatly enjoyed their production.

On Monday, April 4th, the students who participated in the Music Production workshop, facilitated by staff member Anthony Walker, held a Listening Party, where they showcased their original music and lyrics that they created using a computer program called Logic.  The students’ experience learning about this music program was extremely valuable to those interested in music production and also allowed them to use their creativity to produce professional sounding music.

The play and the music showcase were wonderful ways for the teens to develop their talents as well as share them with the rest of the Martha’s Table community. We look forward to what they will put together next!

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