Sheets and Stuff for Squirts!

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Sheets and Stuff for Squirts!

Martha’s Table has been lucky to have the assistance of a new volunteer this past summer. Erin Norcross completed the requirements of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project with Martha’s Table.

Erin provided valuable service to the Martha’s Table Child Development Center. She organized a group of volunteers to help her sew much-needed sheets for a new classroom in our Center. These sheets would have cost Martha’s Table hundreds of dollars, and the staff of our Child Development Center commented that the sheets made by Erin and her volunteers fit the cots better, and looked nicer than the other (professionally made and ordered) sheets!

Erin also organized a very successful drive for arts and crafts supplies and reading materials, and donated many wonderful books and art supplies to the classrooms.

Today, Erin was volunteering in the Child Development Center to see the fruits of her labor. She worked with Classroom A as they learned all about the parts of the trees outsides – the branches, the roots, the leaves, and the bark – of course getting their hands-on experience outdoors with the dirt. The above picture is Erin (on the left), along with some kids in Classroom A, and Miss. Camilla.

Thanks for all your help, Erin!

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