Pressing Pause on SmarTrip Card Donations

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Pressing Pause on SmarTrip Card Donations

We are so grateful to our amazing supporters who donated SmarTrip cards in the past months. With donations coming in from everywhere from Hawaii to Maine, we collected over 10 thousand cards to repurpose for our neighbors in need. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for standing with our community. Your donations will ensure that one of our neighbors can make it to a job interview, or a parent-teacher conference.

Currently, we have enough cards to give out for many months, if not years, ahead. Because of the incredible volume of cards in our inventory, we’re pausing donations of them at this time while we diligently distribute at locations all over Washington, DC.

Together, with our community of passionate supporters, our critical mission of building a brighter future in the District of Columbia continues. Please visit our donations page to see how you can stand with children and their families.

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