Mother’s Day at Martha’s Table

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Mother’s Day at Martha’s Table

Last Friday, May 6th, Martha’s Table’s Children’s Program took the time out to celebrate the wonderful mothers of the children in our programs. The kids from ages of 5 to 13, along with the efforts of the fantastic staff, put together a fashion show for their mothers. The fashion show consisted of different scenes such as “Going to the Tea Party” and a “Carnival Scene”. The kids were very excited to get dressed up and display their hard work to their loving families.  The families watched on in admiration, the smiles on their faces and giggles throughout the show were enough to melt the hearts of the room.

Martha’s Table Daycare Program also hosted a Mother’s Day event.  The focus was set on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  The children and teachers performed songs and dances about exercising and appreciating their moms.  The dances about the different parts of the body had the kids waving their arms and wiggling their fingers along with their audience. The event also featured a nutritionist that discussed healthy eating with a fitness presentation and a representative to discuss money management.

Both events were a huge success! The kids, parents, and staff had a wonderful time. Martha’s Table children’s programs know how important it is to recognize mothers and appreciate all of their hard work. Happy Mother’s Day!


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