Martha’s Table’s Teens Talk Safe Sex

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Martha’s Table’s Teens Talk Safe Sex

The Martha’s Table Teens recently participated in an interactive service learning presentation from local organization Promising Futures.  Promising Futures is a youth development organization created by George Washington University Ph.D. student, Maranda Ward.  The program uses edu-tainment mediums such as hip hop, media and theatre, in combination with after-school programming, to assist young people in building life skills to address important issues like sexual health, violence, nutrition, and drug use.  Though initially bashful, Martha’s Table Teens warmed up to the visiting youth from Promising Futures and the often avoided topics of STD’s, STI’s sex and abstinence.  Promising Futures’ youth completed a series of skits and interactive activities. They also offered their ideas while discussing the ways in which violence and sexual content in hip-hop lyrics can be changed into more meaningful lyrics. The Martha’s Table Teens enjoyed their night of education with Promising Futures and look forward to working with them in the future.


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