Marie and Nick

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Marie and Nick

Nick and Marie Breslin are a Martha’s Table’s Son and Mother committed volunteer team.

Marie has been volunteering with Martha’s Table for about four years.  Marie started by volunteering for food preparation program and now is a pivotal part of the food program.  Marie helps Martin Brooker, our Food Program Manager, to manage the non-perishable pantry.  Her main responsibilities are helping to prepare bags of groceries that would create a balanced meal, make sure there is adequate stock, run pantry day (last thursday of every month), and provide food for the local organization Pathways to Housing.  Marie volunteers Monday through Thursday.   Martin says “Working with Marie has been a tremendous benefit to Martha’s Table.  She helps out whenever and wherever we need her. She adapts to any situation and makes great decisions with Martha’s Table in mind because she understands our operation completely.  Her commitment is invaluable.”

Nick started volunteering for Martha’s Table the summer between junior and senior year.  He was required to complete 60 hours from Washington International High School before graduation.  He knew of Martha’s Table because his mom had been volunteering there, so he decided to try going there as well.  He ended up volunteering over 150 hours before graduation, all at Martha’s Table.  Nick is now a sophomore at University of Michigan and is a Food Program Summer Intern for Martha’s Table.  Nick enjoys his work with Martha’s Table because “there is never a dull moment, and I am never bored or sitting around.  There is always someone to talk to and something to do.”

When asked what it is like working at the same organization with his mom, he said he likes that it “reinforces the already present community values that this organization upholds.  It’s pretty cool too, I get rides home sometimes.” Marie says she also enjoys being able to see Nick at Martha’s Table over the summer.  The two work in different departments of Martha’s Table but she says “it is nice to have our own areas and responsibilities, but still be able to chat during the day and get lunch together on occasion.”

Thank you to Nick and Marie for making Martha’s Table a stronger community through your commitment to the organization!  We all appreciate all you do!


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