Healthy Start Moms and Dads Graduate from Parenting Journey

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Healthy Start Moms and Dads Graduate from Parenting Journey

Martha’s Table’s newest class of graduates are not who you might expect. Far from just picking up their ABC’s and arithmetic, these grads actually picked up their children from our Healthy Start classrooms after their graduation ceremony! That’s because they were graduating from the Parenting Journey, a parent education curriculum designed to empower parents to be the best caregivers they can be. Check out some scenes from the graduation ceremony:

Patrease Douglas, Assistant Director of Parent Engagement and Education (left), who led parents through the curriculum, and Chief Program Officer Tiffany Williams (right), pose proudly with graduates Genji Lawson and Lisa Briscoe.

When they first begin the curriculum, many parents are surprised to catch themselves repeating the behaviors of their own mothers and fathers. The Parenting Journey allows them to learn from these experiences in a constructive and empowering way.

Lisa Briscoe (pictured here), a parent of a pre-K student in our Healthy Start program, reflected, “Before the Parenting Journey, I felt unsure of my parenting skills, but now I feel confident, and know that there is no wrong or right way to parent.”

The Parenting Journey is recognized as an essential part of the Healthy Start program at Martha’s Table. Patrease Douglas explains that “strong parent-child relationships are the foundation of a child’s success.” The Parenting Journey also gives parents the tools to reinforce at home the lessons their children learn at school and in our education programs. Congratulations to our newest class of Parenting Journey graduates–we wish only brightest futures for you and your families!

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