Good Neighbor Spotlight: Elise Hoffmann & Chris Niemczewski

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Good Neighbor Spotlight: Elise Hoffmann & Chris Niemczewski

Elise Hoffmann and Chris Niemczewski are quite the team. The couple not only shares a love of hiking, traveling, and reading, but they are also in business together, running Marshfield Associates.

Chris and Elise first came to Martha’s Table as hosts for our annual Sips & Suppers fundraiser. As Chris puts it, “[Sips & Suppers] is a fun event with a serious message about food, access to opportunity, and the value of coming together to address those needs locally.” The duo then began volunteering on McKenna’s Wagon, and quickly became annual donors thereafter. When asked about the motivation behind their comprehensive support of Martha’s Table, Elise explains: “We really embrace Martha’s Table’s efforts to cast a broad net and approach the issue of poverty from a variety of angles. Hunger is an eminently curable condition and we think Martha’s Table is attempting to eradicate it—or, at least, reduce it—in D.C. in a way that’s smart, humane, and sustainable.” Last year, in addition to their annual Apple Society donation, the couple deepened their support by making a substantial capital campaign donation to benefit our Ward 8 center, which will open in 2018. Martha’s Table President and CEO Patty Stonesifer remarks, “Without supporters like Chris and Elise, who give year after year—and in various ways—we would not be where we are today. Annual gifts lay the foundation for our success now, and ensure future success in two sites.”

As donors, Chris and Elise embody Martha’s Table’s core values and understand what it means to stand with our neighbors in need. “Being part of a community means helping our neighbors out—and not just at a distance,” says Chris. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Chris, Elise, and all of you who show compassion and hope for children and families in the District of Columbia!

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