En Vizion – students working hard to learn

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En Vizion – students working hard to learn

Did you ever get in trouble for reading comic books in school? Well, recently the kids in Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy En Vizion program were encouraged to draw inspiration from comic books and develop their own educational comic strips to motivate elementary and middle school students to recycle.

The En Vizion program gives students the option to follow two tracks, graphic design or business, and enables them to build real-world skills. John, Alex and Ronald are three En Vizion students who took part in a day-long workshop at Martha’s Table and shared about their experiences of developing comic strips.

John, a student in the graphics track, learned how to use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make business logos, posters and to illustrate his team’s comic strip. John found the project fun because he was able to use his creativity to “think of day-to-day scenarios to motive kids to recycle.” Alex, also in the graphics track, liked developing her comic strip characters and learning more about the importance of recycling. (Did you know that 50 million plastic bottles are thrown out every day in the US?!)

Ronald, a student in the business track, used the marketing skills he has built through the En Vizion program to think of the best ways to appeal to the elementary and middle school audience. He had to think about how to best use a cartoon to convey the importance of recycling and how to use simple language to appeal to younger kids. Ronald says “The project was enjoyable and was an opportunity to collaborate to reach a goal.”

Overall, the students agreed that the workshop was fun and helped them build new skills in marketing, graphic design, public speaking and collaboration with others. We think the kids did an awesome job – keep up the good work!

John, Alex and Ronald are pictured below from left to right.


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