Eat for Equity this Saturday

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Eat for Equity this Saturday

The idea of Eat for Equity started as a response to Hurricane Katrina, when its founders were living in a cooperative house at Boston University. One of its founders saw a recipe for jambalaya and thought out loud, “If we made a New Orleans-themed meal, would people in the house donate money for hurricane relief?” The answer was yes, and its founders decided to invite everyone they knew – friends, classmates, professors – and to make it an event, not just a dinner. The first Eat for Equity dinner drew a diverse group of 100 students, professors, and professionals – who might not have otherwise connected, but were united for a greater cause. Those initial Eat for Equity dinners continued to attract more people, serve bigger pots of food, and raise more money. The founders realized that this basic idea could be transferred to any cause, as a way to build a giving community around social change.

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