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DC United Volunteer

On Monday May 9th, DC United joined forces with Martha’s Table to make a difference. The DC United head coach Ben Olsen and staff came to volunteer with the food program.  They cut onions for the 65 gallons of soup we make daily and prepared bags of sandwiches to go out on our mobile soup kitchen.  They worked hard to ensure McKenna’s Wagon was ready to go out in the evening.

We asked why they wanted to volunteer and they stated, “DC United’s mission is to win championships and serve the community.  We know the importance of giving back to the community and we are thrilled to work with Martha’s Table.  They do great work in providing essential services to DC residents most in need.  We’ve been fortunate to volunteer in a few roles with Martha’s Table, it helped us see all of the ways they are helping people and gives DC United a chance to take part and contribute in numerous ways.”

We were very excited to have DC United join us and look forward to a strong ongoing partnership with them.

DC United posted their volunteer experience on their website.  Check it out here…



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