Chico’s REFRESHES Martha’s Table

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Chico’s REFRESHES Martha’s Table

This week, representatives from Chico’s stores around the DC Metro area came to Martha’s Table to present us with the total proceeds from the Chico’s REFRESH Parties, where several stores got a make over celebrating Chico’s new look.  The store representatives were very enthusiastic about visiting our facility and especially liked seeing our community thrift store and clothing distribution center, Martha’s Outfitters.

Martha’s Table staff were delighted – and a bit shocked
When Chico’s representatives revealed the check during the check presentation as $29,000!

We wanted to take a moment to thank Chico’s mangers, employees, customers and Martha’s Table supporters for contributing to the success of the Chico’s Refresh Parties. This gift means so much to Martha’s Table especially now. The number of people coming to Martha’s Table for groceries has quadrupled since 2007, and more than 200 kids are on the waiting list for day care. The question is no longer how deep will the economic problems be, but how long will they last. Having partnerships with business such as Chico’s really helps Martha’s Table and those we serve.

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