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Caroline Dukmejian

As my time as an intern at Martha’s Table comes to a close, I thought I would take the time to reflect upon my experience and all that I have learned. To put it simply, while I have been here I feel I have grown not only in a professional sense, but also as a person.  Although I have volunteered and participated in community service in the past, working at Martha’s Table on a day to day basis and forming relationships with the tremendously passionate individuals who work here has been a unique and enlightening experience.  I have learned how much work truly goes on behind the scenes at Martha’s Table by each and every staff member.  I have also learned to have patience and to always keep in mind what the overall goal is—to help those in need.

My favorite experiences were those I spent in the Education programs. It was so wonderful to spend time with the children and see the nurturing and attention they receive from Martha’s Table staff and volunteers.  Learning about the educational programs was not only beneficial to my interest in the subject, but also showed me different ways of connecting with children in order to make the process of learning enjoyable for them. I also loved seeing the way used resources in the DC area, such as The Little Gym and various performance groups, to extend the scope of learning for the students while involving the community. Spending time with these programs not only furthered my knowledge about education in general, but also about the DC area community as well.

Overall, my experience at Martha’s Table was one I will not forget. The people I worked side by side with each day were compassionate, caring and never failed to lend a helping hand when I needed one. The children and clients I met left a lasting impression on me. The power of volunteering is truly extraordinary and I will continue to encourage people to donate their time and efforts for a cause they believe in. I thank everyone in the wonderful community here for creating such a warm and special place for me to work in every day and will forever hold Martha’s Table in my heart.

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