Brightening Up Our Space


This month, the Holton-Arms School, an independent school for girls grades 3 through 12, have given to Martha’s Table in two very special ways. First, a group of young ladies from the middle school came to our Daycare for a sing-a-long with the children.  Accompanied by their music teacher, the girls sang daycare hits such as ‘Old McDonald,’ ‘Twinkle, Twinkle,’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus.’  They also taught the children new songs such as ‘Aiken Drum,’ which challenged the children to use their imagination to come up with different foods to create the body of a man named Aiken Drum.  This wonderful activity was not only an exciting for the children, but also was to provide the inspiration for the middle schoolers’ second project.  After their visit, the students set off to create a mural that will be hung in the Daycare area of Martha’s Table.

Their art teacher, Barbara Mandel, explains the project in her own words:

“Thirteen Middle School girls from Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, MD worked together to create a mural for the Child Development Center at Martha’s Table. The mural project was part of a 4-day program in March titled U Street Rhythms. Students studied the U Street community, past and present. The background of the mural depicts the U Street neighborhood surrounding Martha’s Table. The foreground depicts familiar objects from the day care center.”  

This beautiful gift brightens up our space and is yet another reminder of the ways in which our community gives back to us in so many different ways every day. Thank you, Holton-Arms!