Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy


Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy (MTCA) is the Martha’s Table’s college readiness program whose mission is to use a creative, project-based workshop approach to provide young people (ages 14 to 22 years) with the services, support and skills necessary to attend and graduate from both high school and college.

Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy Update!

It’s test time for the sophomore participants of Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy. On Wednesday, April 18, the teens began the first leg of the District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System Test (DC CAST).  DCPS freshmen and sophomores are required to take the test which covers reading, writing, math, biology and health.

On Wednesday, the sophomores were required to complete 45 minute sections in reading and math. Several MTCA students say the test wasn’t intimidating.  “It wasn’t hard,” said sophomore Peyton Anderson.  “It was easy. The PIA (Pace Interim Assessment) prepared us for it, so it wasn’t hard at all,” said sophomore Anaise Aristide. “They put each grade level on different floors too.”

Juniors and Seniors did not have to take the test, which meant they had a three hour class instead. Junior Tariq Broadnax says he enjoyed his extended class period.  “I was in a history class.  We watched a movie from the 50’s which was pretty good,” said Broadnax.

Testing ends Thursday, April 19 with the writing section of the test for sophomores.