International Mother’s Day Celebration


On Friday, May 19th the Daycare program had an International Mother’s Day Celebration.  This celebration was inspired by one of the students at Martha’s Table.  She had wanted an African Day celebration at her school and noticed that there was no such day, and so she told her teachers at Martha’s Table and they decided to have this celebration; in honor of all the nationalities and mothers at Martha’s Table.

Dr. Shareefah N Al’uqdah, a former parent at Martha’s Table, came to speak to all the mothers about how to truly relax and distress during their busy lives.  Dr. Shareefah has always considered Martha’s Table near and dear to her heart, for it was her son’s first daycare program and Martha’s Table welcomed her when she was new to DC.  Dr. Shareefah has a degree in Clinical Psychology, and specializes in providing sensitive therapy to a broad range of therapeutic issues from depression to adjustment difficulties.  She believes that peace and healing are truly possible and told a story to emphasize her point.  Her inspiration has always been her own mother.  When she was younger her mother told her “Shareefah you are great, believe in me and with the help of god you can believe in yourself.”  Dr. Shareefah has carried what her mother said all her life.  At the celebration urged all the mothers to believe that they are great, and they can believe in themselves, for they are already the greatest motivators in this world.

After Dr. Shareefah’s speech the mothers were able to pamper themselves with beauty products from BeautiControl that Linda Bean, a representative for the company, had brought in.  There were many sample bottles for skin, hand, and feet care and all the mothers excitedly tried the soothing lotions.  They could instantly tell that their skin was softer to the touch and soon some of the children got in on the fun too.  Finally, delicious and culturally diverse food, in honor of all the different nationalities present, was served for the mothers and their children.  Overall, the Celebration was a success everyone present had a fabulous time, and even learned a few tips about distressing and relaxing.