Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy Update


As the school year’s end draws near, each teen in the Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy continues to take major steps towards a successful academic future. This week, MTCA is celebrating the acceptance of Banneker High School sophomore Courtney McCrimmon into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

The IB Program, founded in 1965, is based in Switzerland and provides an internationally recognized diploma to successful IB graduates. Students can begin the program as early as elementary school, but Banneker students are conditioned for the program in what is known as a pre-IB Program during their freshman and sophomore years of high school. They are eligible to apply for the program after their first semester as a sophomore.

Along with a highly distinguished diploma, graduates of the IB Program can earn up to a full year of college credits and a lifetime membership in the program.

McCrimmon is excited about the honor associated with her acceptance into the IB Program and understands she will now undertake a higher level of work than students in other Banneker programs.

“It’s good because it’s an internationally based program,” said McCrimmon.

McCrimmon will be taking courses such as IB History of the Americas, IB Biology and French 3 during her junior year.