Let’s Move


In an effort to combat the current epidemic of childhood obesity, Simone Johnson, the director of the Martha’s Table Day Care program, has made a pledge and become a certified member of “Let’s Move Childcare.”  The “Let’s Move Childcare” campaign was started by Michelle Obama and requires that childcare centers raise more awareness about the importance of healthy eating and staying active to avoid obesity and the complications that arise from it.

Simone is very excited that the campaign has launched in Martha’s Table’s day care and has been passionately finding fun ways for the kids to be introduced to healthy foods and physical activities.  She says, “By staying physically active, our students are able to gain self-confidence and self-help skills.  They also learn about behaviors such as empathy, order, structure, safety, and health,” all of which are vital to evolve into healthy young adults.  She believes that “physical development has to start at infancy and continue on; therefore we include information and activities in our daily curriculum in conjunction with the DC learning standards.”  The students have been responding very well to the newly implemented program and have truly enjoyed the activities thus far.

The activities that have been organized in correspondence with the “Let’s Move!” campaign have included trips to a gym specifically designed for kids, dance lessons with an experienced dancer, basketball lessons from a team that has been together for seven years, and a Tae Kwon Do demonstration and lesson from a volunteer who has been practicing for many years. See the stories of the visits from the basketball team and the Taw Kwon Do volunteer below.


The Pre-K class was very lucky to have the entire Fireballs basketball team volunteering in their classroom two weeks ago.  The Fireballs are in 7th grade and have been playing together since they were in 1st grade.  Martha’s Table has been focusing on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through eating nutritious foods and staying active.  The team helped spread the message of the importance of exercise while demonstrating their athletic ability to the children of the daycare.  By pairing up with such a hard working team, the Pre-K class learned about team work and organized sports while having a great time!


Tae Kwon Do with Ms. Carla’s Class

On Thursday, July 21st, the students of Ms. Carla’s class were extremely excited to learn the martial art of Tae Kwon Do from Joonse Lim, who has been practicing Tae Kwon Do since he was four.  According to, a general Tae Kwon Do informational website, “Taekwondo is a modern martial art, characterized by its fast, high and spinning kicks.”  The students were eager to get out to the playground and practice the moves that Joonse had demonstrated in their classroom.  Everyone agreed that their favorite part of the activity was punching and kicking the target.  According to Eric Sanchez, he “[wants] a karate costume” after seeing how cool Joonse’s Tae Kwon Do uniform was.  This activity proved to be another great example of how fun it can be to be physically active and demonstrated that there are many different types of hobbies that kids can get involved with.

Let's Move 2011