Cathy Sulzberger


Cathy Sulzberger has served on Martha’s Table’s Board of Directors since May 2000 and currently serves as Board Chair. Cathy Sulzberger is a partner at a real estate development company in Maryland. Ms. Sulzberger has served on the boards of various philanthropic organizations and educational institutions throughout her professional life. She currently serves on the Advisory Council of the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage at the Smithsonian Institution and chairs their Development Committee. She recently completed her board term for the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, where she served as the Communications Chair.

In 2007, she stepped down from her position on the board of the New York Times Company and as Chair of the New York Times Foundation. She has also served as the Chair of her family’s Strategic Planning Committee, the Chair of Marujupu LLC, on the Parents’ Council of the University of Miami, on the board of Columbia University Hillel, on the board of Trinity College at Duke University, and served as a trustee of the Sidwell Friends School for 8 years.