Lacrosse Lends a Hand


This spring several Georgetown lacrosse players have been volunteering in the daycare teaching our students valuable lessons through lacrosse and in the process, learning a few things as well.  One of the GT students, Rosie Corcoran explains, “We really look forward to visiting Martha’s Table every Friday and working with the kids, it is really rewarding to see the kids having such a good time!”   The GT lacrosse players teach the games such as Find the Ball and have the kids participate in three legged races.  They have lesson plans where they layout exactly what they are going to do with the kids.  The first lesson was: how to treat your classmates and learning to be a good friend and second lesson works with a theme around team work and working together.

In Find the Ball, the students assemble in two lines facing each other. They have to pass the ball behind their backs to each other until the facilitator tells them to stop. Afterwards, the students have to guess who in each line is holding the ball. The ball is meant to represent emotions and teaches the lesson that you can judge a book by its cover.  These activities teach the students to respect one another, the importance of teamwork, and to support each other. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to be able to let out energy, build self-esteem and learn valuable lessons all at the same time.

Martha’s Table currently has a few workshops where the students get to learn while participating in fun activities. We are always looking for groups/individuals to assist us in facilitating workshops for our students. It is a great way to volunteer and share your interests with our youth. Dina Jackson, one of the players, reflects on her time here, “Martha’s Table is a great organization, I love being able to give back, going in there on Friday and seeing the little kids’ faces light up makes my day.”

If you are interested in starting your own workshop/activity with our students, please contact Nadia Sicard, our Development and Volunteer Coordinator, at or 202.328.6608 ext 212 with a lesson plan and your availability.