June Market Day


Market Day is a great way to get the children to learn about grocery shopping for fruits and vegetables. Martha’s Table provides a variety of groceries for the kids and they have the opportunity to go around and “shop”. The students were separated by classroom and started off with their own grocery bag. Each child lined up and worked their way around the produce.

The children’s first stop was to choose from beans and grains. Then they moved towards fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, and strawberries. Their next stop was choosing what vegetables they wanted, either plantains, zucchinis, bell peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, potatoes, string beans, and carrots. They made their final stop at the tuna station where they received their own cans.  Each child was confident to make his or her own decisions about what groceries to select. We love to see the children making healthy choices and teaching them about how to stay healthy in the long run.

The children enjoyed being able to reach for their own groceries, but more importantly telling the parents what to buy. Martha’s Table looks forward to having successful Market Days every month!