Introducing…Martha’s Table’s Children’s Program Workshops


Martha’s Table’s After-School Program has some exciting programming news this month! 

The Children and Bridge Program has implemented a new workshop program that gives students a chance to expand their interest in various subjects as well as explore new ones.  During the trial period of this new initiative, the classes offered were Arts and Crafts, Science, Communication, Language and Cooking.  Each class offers unique lessons that further support what the students are learning in school.  For example, the Science course allows students to see how different concepts of science affect their day to day lives. 

It is having quite and impact on the students. Wanda Holmes, Director of Children and Bridge Programs describes, “The children in the class run over to me exclaiming with excitement that science is all around us all the time! These practical lessons allow students to make connections to what they are learning in school and how they are applicable to their own lives.”

Ms. Holmes explains that one of her goals for the workshops is to provide the opportunity for the teachers to bring their distinct knowledge and interests to the students. One of the more unique courses being offered to the students is the Language course, in which they are learning Yoruba—a Nigerian language. Taught by Miss Emily, a native of Nigeria, this class teaches the basics of the language, opening up their minds to a new culture and expanding their interest to explore the customs of different countries.

Ms. Holmes believes each of these courses is already making a difference in the lives of the students.  She says the students come to each class excited to be there and leave looking forward to the next one.  This fueling of the students’ passion for learning continues the mission of the Children Programs and is a wonderful addition to Martha’s Table!