It is time to step up to the Table!


During the summer, young adults and students come from all over the world to intern in Washington, DC. This summer Martha’s Table has 12 students interning in various programs to learn the skills and intricacies of hard work in the non-profit sector.  Martha’s Table interns have been organized to allow students to gain a more in-depth experience of what it means to work at a non-profit.  Each intern application is reviewed thoughtfully and based upon the skills and interest of the individual is placed in one our food, education, volunteer departments or Martha’s Outfitters.  In order to gain a better understanding of the many aspects and services of Martha’s Table, interns have the opportunity to volunteer in other departments.

“The goal of Martha’s Table Intern Program is to give students opportunities to use their unique skills, talents and abilities to gain insightful and valuable work experience while serving the community,” says Volunteer Coordinator, Nadia Sicard. Additionally, the staff has worked to incorporate educational opportunities that focus on the unique issues that non-profits face.

Interns pursue opportunities at Martha’s Table with the desire to use their unique gifts and talents to serve a greater purpose. Anne Esber, a student at College of the Holy Cross is studying psychology and is one of the Food Program interns. While working under supervisor Justin Peregoy, Anne was able to use her unique skills to redesign the children’s summer food menu to more appropriate foods for the hot summer weather. Anne said, “I appreciate the way that Justin finds projects that are relevant to my interests and give me valuable experience.”

Martha’s Table has developed an intern program that focuses on their development so they can get the most out of their time here.  They are provided with reading material on non-profit management and development. Additionally, President of Martha’s Table, Mr. Lindsey Buss, speaks to interns at bi-monthly intern development meetings. Topics have included, the differences between the private and non-profit sectors and shared an in depth look at the organic development of Martha’s Table. Interns have participated in lively discussions and worked to use their individual skills to think critically about the issues that non-profits face in seeking to understand the times.

My own personal experience here at Martha’s Table has been invaluable. I have enjoyed the hands on nature and it has given me the tools to deal with real life challenges. Working with the staff and volunteers has instilled in me the desire to continue working to help others and has challenged me to do this with the very best of my abilities. Martha’s Table is developing the next generation of leaders and community workers, hopefully many will be challenged to take action and make a difference in the community around them either in volunteering or in a greater capacity by interning!

Summer Interns 2011:

Anne Seltzer – Daycare

Anne Esber – Food Program

Greta Opsal – Development

Paul “PJ” Assanah – Food Program

Amanda Brooke Hanlon – Facilities

Sam Breuer – Administration

Alex Dogun – Development

Veronica Garcia –Volunteer

Max Schrijen – Food Program

Michelle Palacio – Development and Volunteer

Christina Ko – Martha’s Outfitters

Zen Saife – Bridge