Bridge Program Inauguration


The votes have been counted at Martha’s Table! The Bridge Program has elected their new 2013-2014 leaders.  Each student had to deliver a speech discussing the issues and their unique solutions to them. The process teaches them about politics and the way elections are run. This mock election is a great way to get the children interested in politics and possibly pursuing that career path. 

The winners are!!!

President – Aminata Sesay, “I want people to have a better outlook on the program. I would also like to talk to them in an organized way,”

Vice President – Katie Contreras, “I would like to change the horse play. Being VP can be difficult and it takes a lot of responsibility. It also prepares me for future life choices.”

Class D Reprsentative  – Amir Perkins, and

Class E Representative –  Kelvin Haynes and Isaiah Ross. “I want to change the schedules a little. I also want to find Amir a partner for him to work with. It takes at least 2 to 3 people to do the job and make the rules,”

Outgoing President Deborah Boyd-Stevens explained, “It was a little hard being President. I had to persuade people. It takes big responsibility.”

The new officers have big shoes to fill. We know they will do whatever they can to make Bridge Program more successful.