I Am Martha’s Table

Thank you for helping feed DC!

For every single #IAmMarthasTable photo submitted, a donor gifted Martha’s Table the cost of a 20+ lb. bag of fruits, veggies, and healthy groceries — enough to make a huge dent in a family’s monthly needs! The campaign is over but we would still love to hear from you and feel free to submit your photo below! Thanks to all who helped us bring over 5,000 lbs. of healthy groceries to DC neighbors! 

Martha’s Table turns 35 this year. We’re celebrating and reconnecting with our AMAZING community of volunteers, students, parents, customers, donors, staff, board, and everything in between through the #IAmMarthasTable campaign.

Download our sign here and follow these simple steps!

1. SNAG a sign (link to download above!) and write your NAME, Relationship to MT, and the number of years you’ve been part of our family

2. SNAP a picture with your cell phone or camera

3. SHARE your photo with the hashtag #IAmMarthasTable or SUBMIT your photo right here! We’re @MarthasTableOrg on Twitter, @MarthasTable on Instagram, and at facebook.com/MarthasTableOrg


Nefatera McQueen

8 years
Group Leader, Parent, Witness to Hunger


5 years

Kurt & Areesah

6 years & 10 years
Volunteer & Volunteer/Former Staff


11 years
Driver/Former Client

Bill Gates

since 1996

Secretary Sylvia Burwell

2+ years
Friend and Supporter


2 years

Eminatsihon & Jerusalem

3.5 years
Proud Student & Mom


President of Patty Stonesifer Fan Club

Patty Stonesifer

2+ Wonderful Years
Chief Volunteer & CEO

Spike Mendelsohn

Chef, Partner, DC Food Policy Council Chair

Center City PCS

1st day!
Market Volunteer Group

Ulysses, Eileen, & Don

8, 8 & 2 years
Volunteer (NW Community Church)

Brianne Nadeau

10+ years
Ward 1 DC Councilmember