It Was a Happy 2 Hours!


Last night, Martha’s Table hosted a happy hour fundraiser event at Cork Wine Bar. Cork is located on 14th St and they are a consistent supporter of Martha’s Table by participating in several Martha’s Table events.  The place was full of the events host committee and guests, Martha’s Table staff and board members and supporters from the community.  This event was to celebrate the growth and improvements of our community thrift store, Martha’s Outfitters (see MO blog here) as well as Martha’s Table’s Children and Youth and Food Programs.  Martha’s Outfitters featured a trunk sale of clothing, shoes, jewelry, house-wares and more. The selection included a Missoni dress, a Burberry shirt, and even Prada pants! Monet Flowers, Assistant Director of Martha’s Outfitters, mentioned, “The event was a great success. Even those who did not purchase anything took fliers or “yelped” about us. A lot of new people were able to see that Martha’s Outfitters has something to offer the community; often times people may not realize how a purchase at the store can have such a great impact for Martha’s Table.” The event raised $5,000 for Martha’s Table programs and almost $400 from Martha’s Outfitters sales. We would like to thank all who attended, Cork for hosting the event, our wonderful interns for taking part and of course the community for supporting us.

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