Spring Is Time to Celebrate


Martha’s Table staff and volunteers are happy to announce that our greenhouse has been built! We would like to thank all of our supporters and volunteers who helped us develop this amazing project thus far. Because of you, we have reached our first milestone, which was to build the foundation and basic structure; however, we still have lots of work to do to keep our greenhouse working. In the next week, we will be installing an electrical system so that we can grow fruits and vegetables, even in winter.

What can we expect from our new greenhouse?

Right after the inauguration of our greenhouse, the children in our daycare program started their first project to learn the importance of nature and health by planting tomatoes. Our goal is to teach our children that it is possible to grow our own food, and most important of all, to show them that we can have lots of fun during this amazing process.

Demetri Recachinas, the Assistant Director of the Food and Nutrition Programs, explains “It is important to show our children that most of the products we consume everyday come from the fruits and vegetables that were once planted. We have to make this connection to teach them that a tomato can be transformed into ketchup, as an example”.

We will keep you all posted as we start to grow more fruits, vegetables and herbs.  We are planning on having tomatoes, green beans, and possibly even melons very soon. Once things are growing, we will focus on nutrition education, helping our children explore their senses through the greenhouse. They will be able to touch, smell, see, and taste everything we have planted! It is so exciting!