Galley Foods to Partner with Martha’s Table to Increase Access to Healthy Meals in SE


Galley and Martha’s Table are proud to partner during the month of April to increase access to high quality affordable food. All month long Martha’s Outfitters, our community thrift store in South East, will feature a pop-up shop with refrigerated chef-prepared healthy meals. The meals are packaged for children, individuals, couples and families all priced between $6 and $20. These grab and go meals feature salads and sandwiches as well as take home options with a new menu daily. Weekdays from noon to 6 pm store associates at Martha’s Outfitters, located at 2204 Martin Luther King. Jr Ave SE, will be able to help shoppers choose a freshly prepared meal.

Galley is a Washington, D.C.-based company that strives to produce only locally and responsibly sourced foods as well as frequently include organic ingredients. The delicious meals are prepared with nutrition in mind, limiting the use of sugar, salt, butter, and oil. All meals are under 800 calories.

Make sure to stop by Martha’s Outfitters to get some thrifty finds as well as grab a meal. Please see below for more on pricing:

$6 individual meals
$12 for two-person meals
$20 for family meals (four-person meals)
$3 kids meals
$3 sides
$6 sandwiches
$6 salads
$1.50 waters and seltzers