Feeling like a Princess


The children’s laughter floods the room as they dance around in circles. Their eyes shine with excitement as the ballet teacher provides them with gentle instruction. The song on the CD player changes and they switch from waving their arms to kicking their feet. Who is the fantastic ballet teacher that graces us with her presence twice a week? The wonderful 12-year-old Claire of course! Claire volunteers because, “volunteering at Martha’s Table combines my love of dance and my love for children.  I feel like the kids are doing me a favor by letting me spend time with them each week.” 

At Martha’s Table, we love to provide our students with opportunities to learn about the arts. And our robust volunteer program allows us to provide unique learning opportunities for children.  We are so grateful that Claire contacted us in September of 2010.  Claire, 11 at the time, expressed an interest in teaching ballet to our children. Claire has become such an asset to our programs over the last ten months and we are so excited to have her!  The smiles extend from ear to ear as she enters the room with her CD player in hand. Claire works with students from 2-8 years old and teaches them different ballet techniques. At the end of each class, the ladies end with a curtsey and the gentlemen with a bow.

The students love Claire’s workshop. 3-year-old Genesis says, “My favorite part of ballet class is feeling like a princess!” 5-year-old Jasmine says, “My favorite part of ballet class is when Claire gives us stickers.” There are so many reasons that the kids love when Claire comes in, but the biggest reason is how happy she makes them while she is here.