Community Members Walk the Runway at Martha’s Outfitters in Historic Anacostia


We had a blast at our July fashion show, where models showed off the fashionable clothing donations received at Martha’s Outfitters in Anacostia. Check out some scenes from the show below:



With music playing and the audience cheering, this model couldn’t help but strike a pose. The audience enjoyed watching frequent shoppers and volunteers transform into models.



Here, a sleek, gray blazer and vibrant tie complete this young man’s trendy outfit. Shopping at Martha’s Outfitters is a great way to land yourself a spot on the “Best Dressed List!”



In this picture, Ms. Malik strikes a pose in front of a row of models. Fun fact: All of the jewelry worn in the fashion show was handmade by Ms. Malik, who often sells her pieces at Martha’s Outfitters in Anacostia.


After the show, shoppers were eager to look for and purchase their favorite looks from the runway. While Martha’s Table President and CEO Patty Stonesifer, was eager to get a picture with this fashionable duo — the breakout stars of the show!


Martha’s Outfitters offers something for everyone, whether your style is all about bright red floral dresses or cool leather jackets. And if you’re stocked up on trendy clothes, be sure to check out our accessories, shoes, linens, and household furnishings for some good finds!

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