Community Health Fair 2012


Martha’s Table hosted a free Health Fair for the staff and children in our program Friday and for the entire community Saturday.  It was a fun two days filled with music, food, health information, and activities for kids.  They also had free dental screenings, free blood pressure tests, and resources and referrals for education on nutrition and fitness available at the event.  Martha’s Table staff and students from the daycare all the way up to the older youth program participated Friday, and Saturday there were 103 participants from the community.

“Martha’s Table and Small Smiles Dental Centers of Washington, D.C. was happy to host such a great community event made possible by so many generous local partners,” says Director of the Child Development Center, Simone Johnson.  Martha’s Table partnered with Small Smiles Dental Centers of Washington DC, PNC Bank, DC Public Service Commission, Bowie State University, Rosemount Center, The Glaucoma Foundation, United Healthcare Community Plan, Perinatal and Infant Health Bureau- DOH, and DC Office on Women’s Health.

The event was held on the Martha’s Table Playground and was a great success!  There were 20 referrals made for dental services, along with vision screenings and referrals.  The Condom Project was successful at educating teens and youth from the community about protection and information about the risk of contracting and transmitting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  Additionally, over 100 pounds of fresh produce given out for free, and participants were able to have their blood pressure checked followed by receiving dietary recommendations based on the results.

Roseinia Garmany, a Martha’s Table staff member who helped work the Health Fair said “It was fantastic! It was very energizing, very positive, and amazing to see so many people benefiting from the event.”

Thanks to everyone who made the event so successful!