Casseroles and Conversations: Advancing Racial Equity with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson


A group of Martha’s Table donors and community partners joined together at Casseroles and Conversations last night to discuss issues concerning racial equity in our community and across our country. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, author and professor at Georgetown University, and David Gregory, Martha’s Table board member, led the conversation. Susan Gage Caters provided pro bono catering services for the event.

During the event, participants were asked to share personal experiences, as well as ideas for advancing racial equity in our programs and beyond. Dr. Dyson proposed a call to awareness for the attendees, “we owe a responsibility to ourselves and others in our country to do the right thing and to have a sense of justice…The crisis now is that in this nation, we have refused to contend with the rampant racial differences that prevail.”

Prior to last night, guests and staff members were asked to read Dr. Dyson’s book The Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America. Members of the Martha’s Table staff used their lunch time in the weeks leading up to the event to discuss their impressions and reactions to the book in book clubs.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, has been an ordained minister for 35 years, and is the author of 19 books – including four New York Times best sellers. His most recent work, Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America, is a deeply personal call to action. David Gregory is a television journalist and political commentator. You may know him from professional work as a political analyst for CNN or his previous role as moderator of Meet the Press.

Martha’s Table began hosting Casseroles & Conversations series in 2013. These events are meant to create a forum for the discussion of important topics that matter to Martha’s Table and the people who access our programs. Past topics have included the challenges faced by families lacking access to healthy foods, and the linkage between hunger and diet-related illnesses, among others.  Martha’s Table staff, board members, and subject-matters experts from across DC have led these events.

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