Casseroles & Conversations

Martha’s Table began hosting a series of Casseroles & Conversations in 2013. These events create a space for the discussion of important topics to Martha’s Table and those we serve—such as the challenges faced by low-income working families and the linkage between hunger and diet-related illnesses—by our staff, board members, and experts from throughout DC.

Past Casseroles & Conversations:

  • “Trauma-Informed Care” moderated by Tiffany Williams in September 2016
  • “Food Justice” moderated by Lindsay Morton in March 2016
  • “Toxic Stress” moderated by Wendy Ellis in September 2015
  • “Poverty in the District” moderated by Bob Woodward in June 2013
  • “Making Work Pay” moderated by David Gregory in May 2014
  • “Hunger and Obesity” moderated by Bob Schieffer in September 2014