Release the Butterflies!


On Friday June 3rd, Martha’s Table’s daycare released their butterflies.

Two weeks ago, the daycare teachers ordered caterpillars so the children ages 2 to 4 could discover metamorphosis. The children learned about the four stages of a butterfly lifecycle: egg, caterpillar, cocoon (chrysalis), and then finally a beautiful butterfly.  They observed the caterpillars, one student noticed “they have grown so big in three days!”  To enhance the metamorphosis lesson, the children participated in several butterflies projects.  They created their own butterflies out of paper, made a chart about what they already knew about butterflies and matched butterfly wings by their patterns.  Finally, the kids took a field trip to a butterfly exhibit in Wheaton, Maryland and to the Insect Zoo here in Washington D.C.  At the Insect Zoo, they walked through the butterfly pavilion where there are butterflies from all around the globe. The kids had a lot of fun learning about the lives and habits of butterflies. 

At the butterfly release this past Friday, the children were overjoyed to be able to watch their new friends fly away. Some landed in our community garden while others fluttered away into the city. The teachers painted the children’s faces with butterfly art and the children danced and sang about the butterflies. They also performed a skit where they taught everyone watching about the different parts of the butterfly. It was great to see the bright smiles on their faces as they shared their experiences with their families and the Martha’s Table staff. Overall, the kids had a wonderful time and learned a lot in the process.