One Team. One Mission.

One Team. One Mission.

Why "One Team, One Mission?"

Kim is a breath of fresh air, inspiring the team here at MT. 

The sky is clear as Martha’s Table opens for a new day, and Kim can be seen in The Commons, bouncing around and greeting team members as they prepare for the day. 

Team members at Martha’s Table always put 110% effort into their work. From teachers to volunteers, from Joyful Food Market leaders to facility management, and from development to McKenna’s Wagon organizers. We all contribute to our intentional, neighborhood-focused approach to combating the inequities of gentrification in our city.

And we do so on both sides of the Anacostia River: with The Maycroft in Ward 1 and The Commons and Martha’s Outfitters in Ward 8. So, sometimes, we need a reminder that we are all one team, with one mission. Kim heard our call for more unity. And she responded.

This month, with Kim’s leadership, we unveiled our “Team Wall,” recognizing the names of all 115 (and growing!) team members across our three locations. 

The Team Wall’s “One Team, One Mission” statement is more than just a reminder. It’s a story. 

C'mon Martha's Table, what's the story?

This is a story about teamwork and the resiliency of community. 

Each day, we passionately pursue our mission, and some days can be long. Being one team in three places is not always easy, but being on mission to “support strong children, strong families, and strong communities” comes naturally. 

With the vital support of volunteers, we are able to spread our resources and energy across all three locations and uplift our communities. Teachers, at The Maycroft and The Commons, support strong children by creating an environment where children can feel comfortable expressing their different interests

John Cahill, our Scholars Enrichment Program coordinator, details how: 

“We offer tools for them to navigate their feelings so they can be present in the classroom, so that they can be excited about STEM, the arts, and nutrition. Our classes are centered on the engagement of the student, not on tests.” 

What about "Strong Families and Strong Community?"

Whether families come to a community dinner or sing karaoke at “Friday Night at the Hub,” we stand with them. We stand with fathers from Ward 8, who gather for our monthly “Father’s to the Front” meetings, and our seasoned citizens, who come together at The Commons every Tuesday and Thursday for our “Fit & Wellness” workouts. 

Our food truck, McKenna’s Wagon, can be seen in downtown DC 365 days of the week, supporting Washingtonians experiencing housing instability. Our Joyful Food Market leaders spread joy with children living in Wards 7 and 8 by ensuring access to fresh veggies and fruits at no cost. 

Donna Banzon, our Joyful Food Market director, loves that:

“the JFM’s bring everyone together to provide access to healthy food–from parents and teachers to volunteers and youth. It is a great way for young people to see adults work together with respect, while sharing responsibilities and joy.”

As a team at Martha’s Table, we will continue to stand alongside you, and our communities on both sides of the Anacostia River.


So, thanks for the support folks.

Ready, set, GO TEAM!

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