Martha’s Table Awarded Early Head Start and Head Start Grant Funding

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Martha’s Table Awarded Early Head Start and Head Start Grant Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Tuesday, July 2, 2019) – Today, Martha’s Table, a D.C.-based nonprofit committed to supporting strong children, strong families, and strong communities, announced that they have been awarded Early Head Start and Head Start grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The grant is renewable each year for up to five years and will support the organization’s efforts to expand high-quality early childhood education, health and wellness resources, and family support services to children and families in Southeast D.C.

By September 2019, Martha’s Table will open two new full-day Pre-Kindergarten classrooms and one new infant classroom at The Commons (2375 Elvans Road SE). Additionally, the organization will offer expanded home-based visiting services and resources related to mental health and physical health coordination for families. Moreover, Martha’s Table will be able to expand enrollment eligibility for its early education center, supporting children regardless of their parents’ employment status or ability to pay.

“We are excited to support more families in our Southeast D.C. community thanks to funding from both Early Head Start and Head Start,” said Mireille Lopez Humes, Senior Director of Education at Martha’s Table. “These two federal programs are in direct alignment with our strategy of investing strongly in the earliest years of a child’s life to ensure they have the opportunity to thrive.”

Fall enrollment for the early childhood education program will open in mid-July. The first day of the new school year is Monday, August 26. Families should contact admissions@marthastable.org or call 202-328-6608 for more information.

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