Corporate Partners Rally in Support of Martha’s Table’s 40th Anniversary

Corporate Partners Rally in Support of Martha’s Table’s 40th Anniversary

Companies of all sizes and across industries have long provided bedrock support to Martha’s Table.

When we started planning Martha’s Table’s milestone 40th Anniversary, of course, we had no idea what 2020 would have in store. Through everything that’s happened this year, we’ve been fortunate to receive generous support from the business community, both locally and nationally.

Companies of all sizes and across industries have long provided bedrock support to Martha’s Table, including passionate volunteer groups, event sponsorships, in-kind donations, and critical financial resources. To mark our 40 Years Strong, we launched the “40 for 40” campaign, aimed at recruiting at least 40 corporate partners in 2020 with commitments to supporting our mission in a meaningful way. You can see the full list of 40 for 40 partners here.

Well, we’re happy to say we’ve met our 40 for 40 goal, and then some!

Both long-time supporters and first-time corporate donors have stepped up big time to stand alongside Martha’s Table and our neighbors during the COVID-19 crisis. The business community’s generosity helps families across D.C. remain food-secure—demand for Martha’s Table food distributions has increased 400% compared to before the pandemic, and our staff and volunteers continue distributing more than 8,000 bags of no-cost groceries each week.

Many 40 for 40 partners have found especially creative ways to support Martha's Table:

  • Appointed created a special-edition District Notepad, with net proceeds donated to support our work.
  • Bowery Farming, Clyde’s Restaurant Group, Gate Gourmet, Knead Hospitality & Design, LEON, Safeway and Chef Nicholas Stefanelli all have donated a variety of foods including beautiful fresh greens, prepared meals, and gourmet meal kits for distribution to our neighbors. We were proud to be part of the Food It Forward meal program led by Clyde’s and Knead.
  • Ernst & Young’s Black Professional Network hosted a virtual spoken word event in celebration of Juneteenth, including a fundraiser for Martha’s Table.
  • David Getson, of the Mandy & David Team at Compass Real Estate, shaved his famous beard live on social media to raise funds. (We hear David’s beard has since grown back, mostly.)
  • Monumental Sports & Entertainment launched the Voices of DC Sports initiative, with local sportscasters raising funds by offering personalized video shoutouts to fans through the Cameo platform.

We asked some of our 40 for 40 partners why they support Martha’s Table, and here’s what they had to say:

We are proud to be among Martha’s Table’s 40 for 40 partners for 2020, working together to bring fresh healthy food to families and individuals in the greater D.C. community. We share a mission to democratize access, and through regular donations of Bowery’s local Protected Produce. we’re helping our community stay nourished during this unprecedented time.

—Rachel Alkon, Head of Communications & Community Impact, Bowery Farming

As real estate agents, it’s important to us to invest in our community. We chose to support Martha’s Table because of the profound impact they have on our community, especially during these challenging times. David’s beard has always been a topic of conversation (and admiration) so we figured what better way to motivate people to donate and hopefully bring a smile to their faces as well!

—The Mandy & David Team at Compass

We are so grateful for [President & CEO] Kim Ford’s vision—and are truly in awe of the hundreds of staff and volunteers who come together to support the extraordinary work of the Martha’s Table team—serving our community in such meaningful ways and creating a lasting impact so that the next generation may achieve even more than the last.

Monica Dixon, Chief Administrative Officer and President of External Affairs, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Even with the immense pressure of COVID-19, Martha’s Table continued to supply their vital services without skipping a beat. Giant Food is proud to be partners with Martha’s Table, and we will continue to stand with them in their mission to support strong children, strong families, and strong communities.
—Felis Andrade, Director of Community Relations, Giant Food

Congratulations to Martha’s Table from Safeway and Safeway Foundation. We are proud to support the important work you do to alleviate food insecurity in our local community, especially now when needs have increased so dramatically.
—Beth Goldberg, Senior Manager, Community & Public Affairs, Safeway

If your company isn’t on our 40 for 40 list but you’d like it to be, please reach out to Dan Schiff at dschiff@marthastable.org. There are numerous ways for organizations of all sizes to engage with Martha’s Table and make a meaningful commitment to supporting D.C. families.

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