Celebrating Fatherhood

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Celebrating Fatherhood

A HUGE thank you to all fathers and father figures, mentors, and community leaders who celebrated Father’s Day with us on June 14th, 2019 during our first annual Fathers to the Front event!

“To me, fatherhood means being there in your child’s life, making sure you teach them how to be respectful to yourself and others, and loving the world for what it is…”

(a father of a child is in our education program)

With blue skies and heaps of steaming barbecue from WG’s Chicken & Ribs, we danced with fathers holding infants and hyping up their children as the Let it Flow band trumpeted and drummed throughout the Commons. Grandparents laughed as their grandchildren chased after each other, participating in activities ranging from a bouncy house and photo booth, to face paint and board games.

“Fatherhood is the greatest opportunity to give guidance and wisdom so always lead by example, because kids are observing everything that you do…”

– Jonathan L.
(a participant in our monthly Fathers to the Front meetings)

The entire event was free and open to all.
We hope to see you next year!

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