Black Friday!?!


This weeks marks a time to give back. Many people have contacted us asking what our greatest needs are this holiday season.  Here is our answer…

Did you know this about Martha’s Outfitters?

  1. Martha’s Outfitters is expanding:  Martha’s Table is an old hand at what is now one of the most vibrant sectors of the retail industry – thrifting.   As successful as we have been, we understand that the need for our food, educational and retail services in other wards of the city is great. In response to that need, we have set a course to introduce our programming in some of these underserved neighborhoods. We believe Martha’s Outfitters, a beloved community asset and proven social enterprise, is best suited to lead the way. We have chosen a space in downtown historic Anacostia, a neighborhood on the precipice of change, but still lacking many of the resources needed to ensure the prosperity of its residents. As in the past, we will move carefully, but respond without hesitation. We will harness the economic, intellectual and human resources at our disposal to shape our future endeavors to the contours of the new communities we hope to serve – continuing in our tradition of sustainable growth suited to the unique needs and characteristics of our neighbors.

What can you do on Friday to help?

  • Give and shop.  Clean out your closet, your spouses closet, your kids closet and donate the items to us.  Martha’s Outfitters accepts donations Tuesday through Saturday, 7:30am to 12 pm.

Did you know this about our Pantry Program?

  1. Our Food Program has dramatically increased their reach to the community this year and hold five different pantries each month in elementary schools in Washington DC and MD.  Canned food is a big need.  In general we are looking for rice, cereal, pasta, canned vegetables, canned fruit, low-sodium soups and Christmas dinner type items such as boxed mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, etc.  We are looking for more specific items as well.   Each month we update this amazon wish list for our latest elementary school pantry needs.  You can find the list here.

What can you do on Friday to help?

  • Knock on a door, ask your neighbor to donate canned food for Martha’s Table for Thanksgiving.  You will be surprised how willing folks are to give.  We accept food donations seven days a week, 10am to 4 pm.

Did you know this about our Child Development Center?

  1. We help families with a very basic need.  We provide QUALITY, affordable, daycare to families that wouldn’t normally be able to do so.  This allows parents to provide a standard of living for their families that they deserve.  Instead of forking most of their pay check over to daycare, they may now be able to afford to pay their bills, rent, mortgage, food, school supplies, clothes and other items they need.

What can you do on Friday to help?

  • Have a Martha’s Table inspired Black Friday.  While shopping, consider helping us provide the children in our programs with some necessary items they need: Coats – Size 6mos to 7 years, Socks, Shoes – For Infants to Toddler, Snow Boots for Pre-School Children, Underwear, Onesies, Yellow Uniform Shirts; Size 2t to 8 (Boys and Girls), Clothes – Pants and Shirts (Size 6mos to 8 years).