Announcing: Summer Markets!


Martha’s Table is hosting markets (11 of them!) in July & August for the children and families that we support during the school year. Families with students enrolled in the following schools are invited to join us at any market this summer: Amidon-Bowen, Anne Beers, Browne Ed, Burroughs Ed., Garrison, Hendley, Moten, Neval Thomas, Powell, Stanton, Smothers and Thomas Stone.

We’ll have seasonal fruit and vegetables, basics (like rice and pasta) and a chef cooking and giving out samples. All groceries are free.

Got a couple free hours this summer to volunteer?  We need you!  Click here to sign up.



Full summer market schedule:


 MARTHA’S TABLE INC. (July 15th & August 19th) 3pm-5pm @ 2114 14th Street NW Washington DC 20009

 SHARPE HEALTH HIGH SCHOOL (July 24th & August 13th) 3pm– 5pm @ 4300 13th St NW Washington, DC


 KING GREEN LEAF RECREATION CENTER (July 21st & August 18th) 4pm-6pm @ 201 N St SW, #A Washington, DC


 AN NE BEERS ELEMENTARY (July 14th & August 12th) 4pm-6pm @ 3600 Alabama Ave. SE Washington, DC 20020

HENDLEY ELEMENTARY (July 16th & August 20th)

1pm-3pm @ 425 Chesapeake Street SE Washington, DC 20032

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 CESAR CHAVEZ PCS (July 29th) 3pm-5pm @ 3701 Hayes St NE, Washington, DC 20019

 BROWN E EDUCATION CAMPUS (July 20th & August 17th) 3pm-5pm @ 850 26th Street NE Washington, DC 20002

 BURROUGHS EDUCATION CAMPUS (July 27th & August 10th) 4pm-6pm @ 1820 Monroe Street NE Washington, DC 20018

 SMOTHERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (July 17th & August 11th) 1pm-3pm @ 4400 Brooks Street NE Washington, DC 20019

NEVAL THOMAS ELEMENTARY (August 26th) 3pm-5pm @ 650 Anacostia Ave. NE Washington, DC 20019


 THOMAS STONE ELEMENTARY (July 28th & August 21st) 2pm-4pm @ 4500 34th Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712