Action Required


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Last night Martha’s Table and D.C. Hunger Solutions co-hosted a screening of A Place At The Table, a thought-provoking documentary that reveals the state of hunger in the United States through personal stories, astonishing statistics, and proposed solutions. The film delves into several areas including food security, SNAP, obesity, the rising cost of healthy food, the role of nonprofits and food banks, and the impact of hunger on a child’s health and cognitive development.

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After the film we held a community discussion during which attendees made observations and discussed potential solutions. Patty Stonesifer, Martha’s Table’s CEO, shared her thoughts on the hunger problem and the importance of taking action, “A lot of it [hunger] is based on a system we seem okay with, maybe not individually, but collectively.” Alex Ashbrook, Director from D.C. Hunger Solutions encouraged folks to have their VA and MD friend call their representatives, “it only takes a few phone calls to make them pay attention and let them know that people care about this issue.”

Ending on a positive note, Patty mentioned that DC is top 3 in the nation for healthy  school breakfast and lunches and top 5 for SNAP coverage (easy access to benefit process and food).

We encourage you to join us for our next screening of A Place at the Table this spring.  Join the conversation and take action!

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