Abby McEwan


“Martha’s Table impressed me with the breadth of its work and commitment to fighting poverty on multiple fronts. As a neighbor in the U Street area, I find it particularly rewarding to volunteer with an organization based in this part of town and whose outreach programs — from the children’s play area to Martha’s Outfitters — are so visibly a part of 14th Street.”

Why did you get involved with Martha’s Table originally, what made you want to volunteer and why here?

“I became involved with Martha’s Table in September 2010, just after I moved to Washington, DC. I had volunteered on a regular basis with City Harvest and the Coalition for the Homeless while I lived in New York, and I hoped to continue working on issues and programs related to hunger and homelessness here in Washington. I always look forward to delivering food through McKenna’s Wagon and helping, albeit in a small way, to serve the city’s most needy. The friendly staff and the diverse group of volunteers make the experience a lot of fun.”

Is there a moment that stands out in your mind about your volunteer experience, either on the van, with another volunteer, or with our staff?

“I can’t say that a single moment stands out to me. The yeoman efforts of the staff and many other volunteers are admirable (and humbling), and perhaps more than anything I am struck by the day in, day out work of so many that allows a hot meal to reach over a hundred people every day. There is, as well, something deeply satisfying in being able to serve food directly to those who most need it. I have great respect for the cumulative work that goes into McKenna’s Wagon, from the kitchen to the packaging of the food and the organization of the volunteers, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Video of Abby Here