A Big Thank You


I just wanted to thank you, and everyone else at Martha’s Table for the amazing work you do. My daughter attends Garrison Elementary, where you and your dedicated team provide the Meals for Minds Program (school based pantry). I am a firm believer that kids with good food, good books, and helpfully, a good support system can do anything. With the closing of the O Street Giant, good groceries are a little harder to come by in this neighborhood, you basically deliver them to our doors.  I am also the ‘chief gardener’ for the Garrison School Garden, trying to encourage fresh, organic dining one strawberry at a time. I have donated extra produce to your kitchen on several occasions, and hope to continue this year as our garden expands!
I also adore your store on 14th Street. I have always been a fan of vintage, good housewares and books, and your store provides them with a convenience and price that can’t be beat, no matter what one’s income is.
I have also just started a free books program at Garrison. I realize you and your staff probably donate all your used books to the Martha’s Outfitters, but if anyone ever offers you more than you can handle, please feel free to direct them to Garrison. We have a bin right inside the front door, or donations can be dropped off in cartons. We are trying to offer free books to all who want them, pre-school to parent level.
And lastly, a big shout out to Michael, for his wonderful work at the store, and gearing up the Meals for Minds events.
Again, thank you for all your dedication and hard work – it IS much appreciated!
Lisa Leavitt