Everyone, Together


Lindsey Buss mentioned in his speech at the daycare graduation today that “it takes a village” to give these kids the quality programs that they need to succeed.  Well the village showed up in support of the graduates today.  Aunty Oye, Dr. O’Connor, Small Smiles, parents, Martha’s Table staff, teachers all showed their support and respect for the hard work of these kids.  Lindsey pointed out that the biggest most sincere form of gratitude that the parents can give Martha’s Table’s child development center (daycare) is being involved.  All 17 of these kids’ families recognize the hard work it takes to be an involved and informed parent.

Here are some photos of some proud papas!

Lindsey spoke about what the kids wanted to be when they grow up.  Some of the kids said they want to be athletes and cooks.  This shows us that fitness and nutrition are a part of their everyday routine, it is in the choices that they make.  Aunty Oye, Fit Kids DC and other groups that have partnered with Martha’s Table have broadened these kids horizons, we are so grateful for that.  Other careers that the kids wanted to be a part of are firefighters and police.  This speaks to the fact that kids are aware of helping others and want to spend their life in service.  This is exciting for our future and theirs.  To have a future generation with such great aspirations is very exciting for the community and city.