Thank you, Volunteers


“I like seeing the impact I am making, and I like how Martha’s Table gave us all the background information about the organization so that we could understand our purpose and how we were helping.

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Who Am I?


Project ID | Who Am I? is a campaign designed by MTCA workshop facilitators in which teens are challenged to answer questions about themselves…

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Cedric Watson


“In high school, I was involved in a program that took us to volunteer with Martha’s Table for a day. I worked in the food prep area making sandwiches. Everyone was so friendly, and left a lasting impression on me.”

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Prom ’12


It’s a tradition close to a century old, and it’s often a pivotal rite of passage of sorts for teens across the country. Within the past month…

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We Love Our Volunteers


We have had some great volunteers this week. Yesterday’s enthusiastic group was from…

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Reflections from a College Freshman


“What I got from this year was figuring out what I want and what kind of people I want to surround myself with,” said Cooper.

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Happy Hour Event: Tonight!


Join us for the 4th Annual Happy Hour event at Cork Wine Bar. Tonight from 6 to 9 pm. Tickets only $30.

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International Mother’s Day Celebration

“you are great, believe in me and with the help of god you can believe in yourself”

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Trail Blazing for Prom Promise [with Poem]


The students, along with their prom dates and guardians, participated in the school’s Prom Promise Breakfast at Banneker High School.

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Eat for Equity this Saturday


Enjoy a themed meal, in a home in DC to benefit Martha’s Table. Martha’s Table is the kick-off beneficiary for Eat for Equity DC. Find out more…

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Photos: Infants and Sprinklers on the Playground


The 1 year old infants enjoyed water play this morning in the fleeting sunshine.

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Living Below the Line


Could you survive on $1.50 a day for 5 days?

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Kyree Rollins


“Poetry is one of the best art forms because I’m not doing it for anybody. I have freedom to speak on how I feel about certain issues,” he said. “I will write for the rest of my life. As I grow, so will my poetry.”

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In Memoriam


Frank H. Pearl

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Marty Berger


Marty Berger has been recruiting and transporting Bullis student volunteers for over a decade. Every Monday, Bullis students and Marty walk through the doors ready to help serve food on our mobile soup kitchen, McKenna’s Wagon.

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