Marie and Nick


Nick and Marie Breslin are a Martha’s Table’s Son and Mother committed volunteer team. Marie has been volunteering with Martha’s Table for about four years.  Marie started by volunteering for food preparation program and now is a pivotal part of the food program.  Marie helps Martin Brooker, our Food Program Manager, to manage the non-perishable […]

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Heart of America? Books!


61% of low-income families have no books at all in their homes.

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Everyone, Together

Today, our pre-school graduating class of 2012 celebrated their accomplishments with community supporters, teachers and parents.

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Anything is Possible


This month, the Fit Kids DC Program brought Pat the Rock to Martha’s Table.  Pat the Rock is considered the world’s best ball handler.  As Cindy Anderson from Fit Kids DC commented, “he is great with the kids and has a fantastic teaching personality.”  He emphasizes the importance of believing AIP: Anything Is Possible. Pat […]

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Summer, The Remix


Here is a quick look at what the teens have been up to this summer.

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Stone Soup Films Partners with Martha’s Table


Check out our new Martha’s Table movie from Stone Soup Films!

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Community Health Fair 2012

“Martha’s Table and Small Smiles Dental Centers of Washington, D.C. was happy to host such a great community event made possible by so many generous local partners,” says Director of the Child Development Center, Simone Johnson.

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Martha’s Table Sees the Man in the Mirror


“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.” These inspirational words, sung by the late Michael Jackson, echoed through out the Verizon Center this Sunday as Martha’s Table went to the Cirque du Soleil

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Martha’s Table goes to Cirque du Soleil: TICKETS GOING FAST


Join our hostess Dee Dee Myers and enjoy the show while supporting our programs. Not many tickets left!

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My Fashion Power: Benefitting Martha’s Table

My Fashion Power event to benefit Martha’s Table

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Drivers Wanted!


Quote from Driver: “I actually look forward to my driving days for two major reasons: The crews – always interesting and always different. And the homeless – they have their stories too and are always grateful and helpful. Altogether, it’s a very rewarding experience!”

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Help the Homeless: One Step at a Time


One in five D.C. residents currently lives in poverty making it the 3rd highest poverty rate in the nation.

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Martha’s Table Book Club


reading books to children is important because the teach children about “relationships, situations and personalities.”

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Let’s Move!


“Our Let’s Move! event was great because of the attention it brought to the important issue of childhood obesity and the fun and easy solutions it highlighted…” – Lindsey Buss

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Photos of Graduation 2012: Proud of our Achievers


Martha’s Table seniors celebrate their successes tonight at Martha’s Table. Check out some of there graduation photos here…

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