Help the Homeless 2011


For the last 23 years, Fannie Mae has sponsored the Help the Homeless Program. “it has become the nation’s largest fundraising collaboration focused on homelessness”.  Every year Martha’s Table is one of the beneficiaries of that program.  We focus on recruiting walkers to register to walk for Martha’s Table.  Last year, Martha’s Table recruited 2,600 […]

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Summer in the City


Martha’s Table’s Children and Bridge Program has just begun their summer programming and it is looking to be a great summer! The program provides the children with a stable environment in which they feel safe and comfortable be themselves and to explore new concepts of creativity and knowledge

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Not So Secret Garden


For the past 2 years, the kids at Martha’s Table have been using their green thumbs in the flourishing “Not-So-Secret Garden”. Hidden behind a wall of latticed planters, lies a beautiful garden full of growing…

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It Was a Happy 2 Hours!


This event was to celebrate the growth and improvements of our community thrift store, Martha’s Outfitters as well as Martha’s Table’s Children and Youth and Food Programs.

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Caroline Dukmejian


As my time as an intern at Martha’s Table comes to a close, I thought I would take the time to reflect upon my experience and all that I have learned. To put it simply, while I have been here I feel I have grown not only in a professional sense, but also as a […]

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Clown Academy


The kids said they were looking forward to “magic, amazing and funny things, tricks and flipping”.

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Celebrate Big Changes at Martha’s Outfitters


There have been a lot of changes at Martha’s Outfitters lately. One major change is that Martha’s Outfitter’s now has a new logo! Monday, June 27th we invite you to come and celebrate Martha’s Outfitters at Cork Wine Bar for a Happy Hour Event.

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MTTP: Alumni Spotlight


The MTTP (Martha’s Table Teen Program) would like to Spotlight the accomplishments of Alumni Laquan T. Lightfoot. Laquan graduated from the Teen Program and Benjamin Bannekar Academic High School in 2007.

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Feeling like a Princess


The children’s laughter floods the room as they dance around in circles. Their eyes shine with excitement as the ballet teacher provides them with gentle instruction.

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Release the Butterflies!


Two weeks ago, the daycare teachers ordered caterpillars so the children ages 2 to 4 could discover metamorphosis.

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School is out for the summer and so are 75% of our sandwich donations…

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Youth Talent Showcase


Sunday, May 22nd will mark the first day of the 2011 Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER). CPER presented the Martha’s Table Teen Program with the opportunity to showcase their talents.

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DC United Volunteer


DC United joined forces with Martha’s Table to make a difference.

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This has been a public service announcement


Yesterday, the Martha’s Table Teen Program, put on a great viewing for our Children Program! For the past several months, The Martha’s Table Children’s program has been working on teaching the students the importance of being people of good character, and decided on 6 core values (Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Respect, and Citizenship), that help build good character.

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Mother’s Day at Martha’s Table


Read how Martha’s Table children celebrated their mothers.

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